Why Buy Used


Why Buy Used

Why Buy Used

By Fred Martin Nissan

Has a new vehicle got your attention? The television has a ton of ads to entice you to the dealership to see that shiny new car. The question you need to ask yourself is, is buying a new car the right decision for me? Sure, new cars come with all the latest gizmos and gadgets but can get extremely expensive. The other choice is to buy used as it can save you money, provide you with the same satisfaction as a new car, as well as provide you with a terrific mode of transportation for many years. Below are some excellent reasons why you should buy a used car instead of a shiny new one.

Buying Used Saves Money

Most used cars are typically 50% less expensive than new ones. Many people will be able to pay off new cars faster, which saves you financial fees. On average, consumers switch cars six times after purchase, and if you pay less for a used car, you can opt for a nicer one when you buy your next vehicle. This will create a beautiful two for one special. On top of that, with many used cars, depreciation has already occurred, and some can even gain value!

No Exaggerated Fees and Low Customization Costs

While a deal on a new car might look attractive, many more modern vehicles come with an insane amount of hidden fees such as shipping charges, destination fees, and dealer preparation. There can even be advertising fees tacked on. Used cars generally have no hidden fees, so you can browse through hundreds of vehicles without having to worry if you’re being charged too much. Speaking of add-ons, you don’t have to settle for expensive ones when you are customizing your car. You can even install your own if you want.

Used Vehicles are Certified and Thoroughly Inspected

If your buying a certified pre-owned vehicle, you can be assured that you are getting a quality, thoroughly inspected vehicle that costs you less. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are also refurbished, carefully inspected, and certified by the manufacturer, providing you with a car that is high in quality. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles also often offer an extended warranty and unique financing options. New vehicles give you the assurance that they are new, and nothing is wrong with them.

Lower Insurance Premiums

If the unthinkable should happen and you get into an accident, your insurance will pay for what the car is worth at the time, leaving a large gap between the purchase price and what the vehicle is worth. This is where gap insurance comes in. Gap insurance covers the difference in what you paid for the car and what the depreciated value is, but in the end, it will raise your insurance premium. When you buy a used vehicle, gap insurance isn’t necessary as the depreciation has already occurred.

Lower Annual Registration Fees

In many states, the rate of your registration fee is based on the model year and the value of your car. In most cases, the price is the highest in the first three years and then levels off after five. You can save thousands of dollars by avoiding new and annual registration fees by purchasing a vehicle that is at least three years old.

Find Used Cars for sale at Fred Martin Nissan

Here at Fred Martin Nissan, we have a wide selection of used vehicles, so we have you covered no matter what you’re looking for. We have a great selection of used Nissan Versa’s, Sonata’s, Altima’s, and Sentra’s. Most of our vehicles are Certified Pre-Owned, and we offer a tremendous amount of financing options to help you pay for the car of your dreams. Stop by the dealership today and speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly representatives as we will guide you through every step of the used car buying process. You can also browse our entire used inventory here on our website!