Nissan College Student Discount Programs

October 17th, 2017 by

Want to cruise campus emissions free?

Nissan recently created a massive sponsorship deal with collegiate athletics – the College LEAF Vehicle Purchase Program. Students at any of the more than 100 schools taking part are eligible to receive a $1000 discount on a new Nissan Leaf.

Owning a Nissan LEAF means never filling up on gas again! The LEAF can travel up to 107 miles on a single electric charge, making it the perfect vehicle to get you to that 7a.m. class on time.

To find out if you are eligible for this discount, go online to

Select your school from the list of over 100 universities and follow the steps to print out your certificate from the Vehicle Purchase Program website. Then simply contact your local Nissan Dealer about the Nissan LEAF!

“Oh man, but I just graduated college.”

GOOD NEWS! Nissan also offers a recent College Grad Program that can save you between $500 and $1000 on ANY new Nissan! This offer applies if you have graduated within the past 24 months, or if you have written confirmation of upcoming graduation within the next six months!

This offer also applies to anyone who has graduated in the past two years, or will in the next six months, from an accredited two-year trade vocational school, technical college, or junior college. You are even eligible if you are enrolled in or have graduated from a graduate degree program within the last two years!

Combine this awesome deal with other current Nissan incentives and you can show your parents you really did learn something in school!

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