Nissan Battery Services Akron OH

Nissan Battery Services Akron OH

Nissan Battery Services Akron OH

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If you keep your Nissan long enough, at some point it will need a new battery. That’s because car batteries generally last between 4 to 5 years and then need to be replaced. Keep in mind that the lifetime of the battery in your Nissan may differ and it depends on the type of battery you have, weather conditions, battery size, and general driving habits. Let’s take a closer look at what you should know about your Nissan’s battery.

First, what’s a battery?

The formal definition of a battery is “a device that translates chemical energy into electricity.” Batteries are composed of smaller units called cells. These cells are small chemical pockets that store chemical energy and transform it into electrical energy when needed. That’s what powers your devices, from your TV remote to, well, your Nissan’s starting system.

How do car batteries work?

Non-hybrid cars have a single battery that mechanics refer to as an “SLI” battery. SLI stands for “starting, lighting, and ignition.” This type of battery provides short bursts of power in order to start your engine, power your ignition, and then power up your lights and accessories. Once the SLI battery jolts the engine to life, the power for the car is actually supplied by the alternator.

How Do You Know If Your Nissan Needs A New Battery?

After 4-5 years a new battery gets “old” and usually needs to be replaced. Here are a few symptoms to look for:

Delayed Engine Cranking – when you attempt to start the vehicle, it cranks over slowly. This is often especially true if it’s really cold outside.
Check Engine Light is on – your check engine light often turns on when your battery is losing charge. Note that this symptom can be due to an old battery, or a failure of your alternator.
Corrosion – Since car batteries are filled with acidic fluid, as they age they can leak and cause corrosion. If your battery is in this sort of condition, it’s usually time for a new one.

So, is it safe to drive with the battery light on?

If your Nissan’s battery warning light comes on while driving, it usually means that the alternator isn’t working properly and you are operating solely on battery power. Unfortunately, when your alternator isn’t working properly, it can cause the battery to drain all its power quickly, leaving you stranded soon. So, if your battery light illuminates, it’s best to find a safe place to pull over soon and then seek assistance.

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