Nissan Summer Service Tips

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Nissan Summer Service Tips

As temperatures begin to climb, you may have a busier schedule around Canton. Whether you’re meeting some friends for lunch or simply running errands around town, it’s important that your vehicle is ready for the warm weather. When you schedule a service appointment with our team, we’ll go over your vehicle’s recommended services so you won’t find yourself stranded on the side of the road in Medina.

However, there are some Nissan summer service tips we can provide to ensure you’re ready to tackle anything during the summer with your vehicle. Learn how to prepare your Nissan for the summer today with the service professionals from Fred Martin Nissan!

How To Prepare Your Nissan for the Summer

High temperatures are not only uncomfortable for you but they can also affect your vehicle as well on Massillon drives. We suggest you reference your owner’s manual for specific details or you can visit our service experts for assistance. However, here are some different ways you can prepare your Nissan for the summer:

  • Cooling System: Whether you’ve got an EV or a standard vehicle with an internal combustion engine, it’s important to ensure your cooling system is in working order. Checking things like your coolant levels is a great way to ensure that your vehicle can properly cool itself.
  • AC System: In addition to your vehicle’s cooling system, make sure your air conditioning system is properly working as well. Issues with your cooling fan or even leaking refrigerant could lead you to experience uncomfortable drives due to rising temperatures in the cabin.
  • Air Filters: From your cabin air filter to your engine air filter, make sure each air filter has been replaced on time to ensure you and your engine are breathing clean air.
  • Battery: Extreme heat can cause your vehicle’s battery to malfunction, especially if it’s an older battery. We suggest you check your vehicle’s battery to ensure you don’t get left stranded.
  • Tires: Even if you don’t do a lot of driving, the sun and heat can cause your tires to begin to deteriorate so it’s a good idea to have them inspected to ensure they’re properly inflated and safe enough for your drives.
  • Windshield Wipers: These are often overlooked but they’re important because warm weather can also mean lots of rain and you want to have maximum visibility during heavy rain.
  • Brakes: Your brakes can easily heat up and become damaged under heavy usage when temperatures climb. Have your brake pads and rotors regularly inspected so you have all the stopping power you need.

Get Your Vehicle Summer-Ready With Fred Martin Nissan!

Vehicle owners from Akron and beyond come to us for all of their service needs. If you’re interested in ensuring that your vehicle is summer-ready, be sure to get in touch with us online!