Holiday Road Trip Tips

Boredom Busters for a Long Road Trip

The dreaded long road trip is almost here, and you still don’t have a gameplan to keep everyone happy. It’s not too late. No matter what you do, children and adults alike can get bored from traveling in a car all day, but here are ways to avoid it. Here are several boredom busters that will keep you and your family entertained on the long road trip.

Great Tunes to Jam to

You can’t have a great road trip without having great tunes to go with. Jamming to your favorite songs will keep the driver alert, but also help the time fly by quicker. Your kids also need to be informed of what a good taste in music looks like.

Road Trip Games

Road trip games require bringing nothing on your part, and are another great way to keep your children preoccupied. I spy, scavenger hunts, the alphabet game and the license plate game can keep your kids busy for at least an hour of your ride.

Silence Game

Don’t forget about the silence game. At some point in your ride your kids will get restless and won’t stop talking. This is the perfect time to bring up the silence game to help parents from going absolutely bonkers.

Washable Window Markers

Your kids can play tic-tac-toe and hangman on your car windows by using washable window markers.

Bring the Electronics

Even if you’re more strict with the amount of time your kids are on electronics, have a little leeway during your trip. Your kids will be more focused on a screen than how much longer of a car ride they have.

Have an Enjoyable Read on Hand

What about you? Do you enjoy reading? Bring a book to help take your mind off the dullness of a car ride.

Plan Interesting Pit Stops

Plan pit-stops that are points of interest to keep things more entertaining. This will allow sufficient time to stretch your legs and get that restroom break, but give your family something to look forward along the way.

Movie theatre in your Backseat

You can purchase a portable dvd player that straps to the back of the front headrests. Make sure to bring several of your kid’s favorites along with a few new ones. This will entertain your passengers for the majority of the car ride.

Have tasty Snacks on Board

Have you ever found yourself bored and so you eat? While this might not be healthy in normal circumstances, eating a tasty crunchy snack can distract your boredom cells.

These are several boredom busters for the long road trip. If you’ve been a master at long car rides for some time, what other ways have you kept your family from becoming bored?