Great Household Products To Clean Your Car With.

Great Household Products To Clean Your Car With

Great Household Products To Clean Your Car With

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When it comes to cleaning our cars, have you noticed how many products there are out on the market? That is a lot of products in your house that you can use that work just as good if not better. Here is a list of household items that will clean your car!

Is it safe to use Vinegar on my car?

Vinegar is such a useful liquid! It can be used for everything from cleaning your windshield and upholstery to deodorizing. Mix 3 parts water to one part vinegar in a spray bottle or bucket, grab a towel and go to town on your car’s interior.  Another great use for vinegar is using it as a deicer. Mix 3 parts vinegar to 1 part water in a spray bottle and spray your windshield to help keep it free of frost in the winter.

Is Baking Soda a deodorizer?

Baking Soda is another great natural deodorizer. Sprinkle it on your floor mats and vacuum away for a refresher. It is also a great cleaner. Mix it into a paste to clean dirty seat belts. Apply the paste to the nylon, gently scrub, rinse, and air dry. It is important to use non-abrasive cleaners on seatbelt material so that you do not weaken the integrity of the fabric.

What can I use to clean my headlights?

I’m sure you have noticed that your headlight is yellowed and cloudy. Well, grab the toothpaste! Using a towel apply the toothpaste to the clear plastic casing and rud in a circular motion until the entire headlight is covered. Rise them off, and your headlight will look new again.

Is there a natural product that is a leather conditioner?

If you haven’t been using Coconut oil on your hair or in cooking, then you have been missing out! It’s also a great leather conditioner. First, wipe your leather clean with a damp clean dye-free cloth dry. Apply the coconut oil to the cloth and rub it into the leather. The Coconut oil will make the leather look great and smell even better.

How can I keep my wheels cleaner longer?

Everyone hates cleaning their wheels and tires. Did you know that cooking spray can make it easier? Whip down your Tires and wheels, then spray them with cooking spray. It doesn’t matter what brand they will all work. This will make cleaning your tires easier in the future. You can also use it to remove bugs stuck to the front of your car. Just spray and wipe.

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The team at Fred Martin Nissan hopes these tips help you keep your car clean and the environment safe. The goal of Fred Martin Nissan has always been to help all drivers take the hassle out of finding the right vehicle at the right price. To achieve that goal, our dealership has found innovative ways to improve selection, add transparency to pricing, simplify financing, and make service convenient.