Get The Best Price For Your Car On Trade Now Or Sell It Outright

June 10th, 2021 by

Fred Martin Nissan would like to buy your vehicle to keep our lot stocked.

For the first time in history, used vehicles APPRECIATED in value rather than depreciated!

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“This is an unprecedented historical shift in the used vehicle market, where listing prices typically decrease during this time period due to depreciation,” Ivan Drury- Edmunds

Used car prices are at record levels due to several factors caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic and a nationwide shortage of used car inventory.

  • New car production stopped, delaying production of 2021 new car models. This forced new car buyers to consider used cars as an option. Now new cars are in short supply as several necessary components have delayed production of incoming models.
  • Low interest rates and stimulus checks brought buyer’s into the dealership, reducing dealer supply.
  • The Pandemic reduced the supply of cars at the same time demand increased. Ride sharing and public transportation was no longer desirable.  People who never had cars before wanted them!

Right now, you will get more money for your than the same time next year.  As the market normalizes, and supply increases as production resumes, the supply will increase.

Your used car is worth more now that it will be again!

Take advantage of this unique time in history and get the most for your vehicle.   Whether you trade your vehicle towards a new car purchase, or elect just to sell it to us outright, there is no better time to get top dollar for your vehicle.

We can make you an offer on the spot, sight unseen. You can get paid the same day!

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