Why Buy an Electric Car?

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As electric vehicles become more prominent on the Canton roads, you may begin to wonder: Why should you buy an electric car? As any electric vehicle, or EV, enthusiast could tell you, EVs come with several perks and advantages over traditional gas-powered vehicles. These benefits are continuing to grow with the market. As more Medina drivers begin owning EVs, more infrastructure is created to support them!

Learn all about why you should buy an electric car like the Nissan LEAF or the upcoming Nissan Ariya with this benefits guide from Fred Martin Nissan. 

Why You Should Buy an Electric Car: Perks of EV Ownership

Electric vehicles come with several advantages over the standard internal combustion vehicles we’re accustomed to. With fewer costs, less environmental impact, and reduced routine maintenance, there’s a lot to love about owning an EV! See some of the benefits below:

  • Cost of Owning an EV: Made with fewer components and requiring no gas to run, EV ownership is, on the whole, cheaper than owning a gas-powered vehicle. 
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: EVs are at the cutting edge of technology, meaning that the features and tech in the vehicles will be just as boundary-pushing.
  • Environmental Impacts of Owning an EV: Since electric vehicles don’t require gas and have zero tailpipe emissions, you’re making a difference in our environment. For even greater environmental benefits, see if you can power your EV using renewable electricity, such as power from solar panels or wind turbines!
  • Maintenance Required for EV Ownership: EVs have fewer moving parts to keep their motors running than gas-powered engines, making them reliable cars. Say goodbye to oil changes, transmission flushes, and more when you switch to an EV!

Steps to Take Before Buying an Electric Car

While EVs offer plenty of perks, there are a few extra steps to take before bringing one home to your Massillon garage. Get yourself ready for bringing home a new electric vehicle with the following steps.

Get Your Home Ready for Your EV

While public charging stations are on the rise, the easiest way to reliably charge your EV is to install a home charging station in your garage. Follow this guide on how to prep your home for an EV and figure out exactly what you need to keep your EV powered at home!

Map Out Public Charging Locations

More public charging stations are being added around Akron every day, and it’s important to know what kind of charging they offer and where they are in case you need a top-up while on the town. These public charging stations also offer a much quicker charging time than any home charger, so in times when range is important, it may be worth a quick stop at your local charging station.

Explore Possible Savings via Tax Credits

EVs may be slightly higher in price than the average gas-powered car, but with tax incentives and rebates available, they can easily come down into your average car budget! To find out more about the tax credits or incentives you can earn when you buy an electric vehicle in Ohio, get in touch with our finance department

The Electric Car Future Awaits at Fred Martin Nissan!

So, why buy an electric car? For all the perks, of course! Find reduced costs, easy charging, and environmental benefits when you choose a new electric vehicle. Contact Fred Martin Nissan today to set up a test drive in Akron and see just how much an EV could improve your drives. 


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